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Aktualisiert: 29. Juni 2020

We all must have experienced it at any point over the last three month. This pandemic brought us all some extreme changes. And if it was not regarding our job, then probably in our private life with our partners, children, flatmates,...

My boyfriend and I came back after a month of travelling Costa Rica. In his believes he would start his new job at a renowned restaurant by the beginning of April. I thought I can continue travelling and fly to Bali in order to graduate from my 250h YTT. I don`t need to tell you that both of our plans have been cancelled by March 16. To be honest, we did really enjoy most of the (extra) time together! Besides a lot of cooking, rewatching all starwars movies and homeworkouts, each of us had his/her own space too. Our personal „rythm of the day“. When I would get up earlier to practice yoga, meditate, study,... he would sleep in till noon. Like that I had at least 3 hours a day „room“ to myself. At first it seemed so simple to keep on going with my routine but there are SO many distructions at home (as you know too). It made me realise again that the space where the real practice is happening is really not what is around us (the yoga-shala, temple, studio), but what we hold within. „Create space“ doesn´t always have to mean physical room but mostly mental. Decluttering my thoughts and changing the way on how I react on external sensations made me go even deeper in my yoga practice - from the comfort of my own home.

Be kind to others, but always be compassionated to yourself.

- Quote on my last night`s tea bag

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