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Further Education with Deddou „POP UP YOGA“

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

„30h Business Of Yoga“ – further education

After discovering an Ad on Instagram I found out about Deddou and her Yoga Business „POP UP YOGA“ ( based in Zurich, CH.

Besides Classes, Retreats and different Events at always changing locations, Deddou and her team offer as well a variety of trainings (online and in person). One of these is the thirty hour „Business Of Yoga“ training, where you can learn everything from finding out who`s your ideal client, creating a website, mailinglist, fliers, business cards, working with Social Media platforms and their algorythms, to being ready with written statements for cooperations and interviews.

I cannot tell you enough how grateful I am now I have successfully graduated from this course. Deddou was literally always there to help us. Even when I made her read my artikle at midnight in order to have them ready the next morning at 7am!

For me Deddou is one of the key-figures in swiss Yoga-Industry. I am very happy about attending to one of her trainings and cannot reccomend her enough. For sure there will be a time where I will attend to another training of her.

I`m excited for the future – THANK YOU.


Impressions from our training

Students are mentioned below.

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