Breathe. Sweat. Laugh. Heal.

Your best possible start into the new year 2021

I’m thrilled you’ve decided to stop by. I’ve been passionate about Yoga now for a while, and I look forward to share the lessons I’ve learned along the way. Browse below to explore what I have created just for YOU.


One month of Yoga, inspiration & eye opening moments...

Dear Yogini, dear Yogi!

I have something special for YOU. Something unique happening right at the beginning of the new year: 


"upgrade your living room into your personal yoga studio"

How does it work?

I will offer you a variety of material to work with in January. Each week of the course will stand for a different theme. 

Week 1

Hatha & Yin/Yang Yoga

Shed the layers & dig deep

Explore what`s beneath. Working on foundation & acceptance. Let go of what doesn`t serve you anymore. Say ´good bye´ to things you want to leave behind.

Week 2

Gentle Flow & Yin Yoga

One breath @ a time

Take it slow. Based on what you have explored in Week 1 you can now step by step make your way towards...

Week 3

Vinyasa & Gentle Flow Yoga

Authentic self

Who are you really? What are your values? In what do you find purpose?

Week 4

Rise & Smile / Yin & Yang Yoga

Energized into 2021

After digging deep & releasing you now are open for new manifestations. You are now ready (within) for a wonderful year ahead. Make it the best one yet. 

Summary of what`s included:

  • Little Opening & Closing ceremony 

  • 8x 75´ Yoga Class Tuesday & Friday evening (weekly theme introduction, Pranayama, Asana practice) on Zoom

  • 8x Spotify Playlist for you to practice to

  • 4x 15´ pre recorded guided Meditation related to weekly theme

  • 4x Asana-Lab PDF (break down of most used postures of week`s practice)

  • 1x 30´ 1:1 check in with you on how you feel, etc. (you choose the date)

I`ll be available for questions & feedback throughout the whole course, and beyond - of course :)

All Zoom classes will be recorded for you to rewatch.

What do you need?

  • Sound knowledge of the English language to understand content (1:1 can be in German)

  • Download the Zoom App

  • Good internet connection for the Yoga classes

  • Google Drive (Asana-Lab & guided Meditation)

  • Yoga Mat (no props essential, if you have props at home - even better)

  • Space & Time on Tuesday & Friday evenings for 75 minutes of practice


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"Make January your feel good month!"