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the asana practice i share

Yin Yang


In this class we will find a balance between Yin (cooling) and Yang (dynamic and heating) Asanas. Through this combination of postures you will feel more grounded, balanced and connected to yourself. You will be able to release physical blockages and your breath and life force (Prana) can flow freely.



Let go and renew

Softening, lettig go and allowing the breath to still the mind are all gifts of a yin practice. Allowing your body release to gravity and be carried through by the slowing breath.

Because fascia need at least 120 seconds of stretching to actually affect it`s elasticy,
yin is one of the most effective ways at improving your flexibility and releasing tension in tight spots thanks to it`s longer holds.
My interpretation will take you through deep active and passive stretches of your muscles and deeper tissues.
Mainly taught in the evening I believe it is a great way to finish off after a busy day at work or just the best start for the weekend ahead.


Vinyasa Flow


will make you sweat and happy. In this class we focus on synchronization of breath and continuous flow of movement.
We will build heat, flexibility, strength and mental focus. Get ready to sweat. Starting either from the ground or standing we right away try to build as much heat in our bodies as possible. Sun
Salutations (SURYA NAMASKAR) are always a good option here.  Followed by Warriors and their variations we`ll flow through to invertions and fun balancing poses. Slowing it down after minute 40 or so where we will focus on either backbends or some juicy hip-openers.
Cooling down with some twists you will find yourself ready for SHAVASANA. Feel the blood rushing through your vains.
You`ll leave relaxed and refreshed for the rest of your day.


Gentle Vinyasa

Refine your alignment

This class will be led in a more moderate pace than a usual Vinyasa class, which will allow you to go deep into each pose. 
If you are a beginner it is a good way to get to know better the practice of Vinyasa Yoga and for more advanced students it is the perfect opportunity to work on your alignment. 
Equally strengthening and relaxing elements will be practiced.


Movement Flow

Vinyasa based

is focused on the actions in-between Asanas (yoga poses). This class will make you aware of your body and it`s ability to move.

Explore new movements connected to your breath. Starting always with the same warm up (about 20 minutes), the Vinyasa-Sequence can change from one month to the next. After getting to know the different transitions of the sequence,
you will hold the poses for a period of time to really understand which body parts are to engage.
After we flow through the sequence. Feel the bliss of this inspiring new approach on Yoga in your final relaxation.


Can´t wait to see YOU on the mat soon. Press button below and sign up for your next class

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