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Every Saturday after Yoga we will meet in a virtual room to talk in 30 minute sessions about different yoga poses.

What you will walk away with?

• Understanding the importance of correct alignment

• How you can adapt each pose to your personal need

• Feel confident through out your home practice / attending to studio classes

In Modern Yoga the intention of every class is to create an opening in each area of the body, eventually working towards a `Peak Pose`. Each shape taken during a yoga class plays a key role to fully opening up the body. Deepening the understanding of the poses will allow you to get to know better your body.

This knowledge of the poses will also allow you to buil a safe foundation for you homepractice. Through logical thinking you will see which poses you can creatively connect to each other in order to create your unique sequence.

With this in mind, together we will develope an understanding of how each pose may look and feel for your needs and what alternatives might suit you. The deeper you understand how the poses work, the better equipped you will be to flow safely through future yoga classes.

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